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-Thank-you to the many "cousins" I have corresponded with or met while doing my family research. They have unselfishly shared their personal research with me. This generosity has given me so much more than facts and data ...... they are truely my extended family.

-I have made every attempt to present accurate information. Please let me know if you find errors or if you have additional information. Use this information only as a guide & verify the records for yourself. I will gladly provide sources for my data if you request them.

-I do not knowingly put personal information on these pages about living persons. If I have put information on these pages that you regard as private, please let me know. I will remove the reference immediately.

-Re-publication of any these pages by any method, for commercial/financial profit; or copying any text or pictures to another website (either personal or commercial) in part or entirely; is a violation of my copyright or the copyright of the original owner. If you want to use something from my website, please ask me first. Frequently I have higher quality and larger images that I will share with you. Thank-you.

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