Groth family
Germany to Iowa

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"The Groth's came from Denmark, in the early 1700's -- about 1714 -- and settled on a farm near Stralendorf, Germany ........ the farm continued to be handed down to the oldest son, a system called primogeniture. Under this system the other sons had to go into other lines of work"

Esther Groth, 1964

Generation I

1. Claus Groth

His birth date is unknown. He came from Denmark and settled on a farm near Stralendorf, Germany about 1714. His wife is unknown.

Claus Groth and unknown had at least 1 child:

2. Hans Juergen Groth +

Generation II
2. Hans Juergen Groth
He was born in Stralendorf, Germany in 1745. His wife is unknown.

Hans died in 1780 at 35 years of age.

Hans Juergen Groth and unknown had at least one child:

3. Hans G. Groth +

Generation III
3. Hans G. Groth
(Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Stralendorf, Germany on February 5, 1781. He married Catharina Dorothea Grutzmacher in Stralendorf, Germany, c1810. Catharina was born on August 22, 1788 in Germany.

His name may have been Hans Jurgen, rather than Hans G.

"The graves of our forefathers are all being cared for by us. The graves of your, as well as our great grandparents are still being kept and are marked with an iron cross. They died in the year of 1856"
[from a letter written in German (translated by John Meyer) from Friedrich Groth to his cousin Esther Groth July 12, 1937]

Hans died March 11, 1856 in Germany, at 75 years of age. Catharina died September 15, 1859.

Hans G. Groth and Catharina Grutzmacher had 4 children:

4. Frederich H.L. Groth. +
5. Christ Groth +
6. Joachim Heinrich Groth +
7. John Joachim Groth +

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