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4. Frederich H.L. Groth
(Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Stralendorf, Mechlenburg, Germany c1811. He married Caroline Hast in Germany, c1860. Caroline was born in Germany 1833. I don't know who her parents were.

Frederick's family was well-off in Germany and he worked as a contractor and as a mason. He and his son Ernest came to America in 1878 and he worked in New York City for 3 years before saving sufficient money to send for his wife and 2 daughters. Although I believe that I have located Ernest in NYC on the 1880 census - I have so far been unsuccessful in finding Frederich. The family removed to Allamakee co. Iowa around 1883.

My great-aunt Esther wrote me a letter in 1964: "Your great-great grandfather Frederich Groth was a contracter. They lived in Hamburg and in apparent luxury with maids and full length mirrors, not common in the 19th century. However, this material prosperity did not last. Contracts were negotiated that cost more than the contractual price. Consequently, Frederich Groth, came to the United States to start his economic life anew. Another factor that spurred them on to leave their mother country was the fact that their son Ernest, was approaching the age of sixteen and would have to serve two years in the German army. Compulsory military training was not a peacetime policy in countries in America until World War II, but practiced in countries of Europe." and "They came to Iowa to settle near a spring of water and in a wooded area for protection from the elements of nature."

The Plat of Post twp. Allamakee Co. IA 1886 shows F. Groth owning 10.48 acres in section 6.

1885 Iowa census he was living in Post twp and working as a mason.
1895 Iowa census, 84-year-old Frederick Groth, a widower is living in the household adjacent to Ernest Groth. He has a 59-year-old widowed housekeeper named Mary Kenipler.

Caroline died in 1885, in Winneshiek Co. IA, at age 51yr 9mo 7d. Allamakee co. death records give cause of death as 'progressive anuria from irregular & immoderate uterine at the menopause'
She is buried in the Frankville, Winneshiek Co. IA cemetery.

Frederich died June 30, 1897 in Shelby, Mississippi. There is no evidence of a marker for Frederich in the Frankville cemetery. Presumably, he is buried in or near Shelby.

Family lore, as told to me by his great-granddaughter Elaine: "Uncle Fred told me that his grandfather went to Louisiana for something, and died down there. I have heard two stories, one he got malaria fever and died, and the other he was robbed for his money. Uncle Fred told me he was going down there and bring his body home." There is likely a lot of truth to this story, but Frederich's reasons for traveling to the South at the advanced age of 86 years, remain a mystery.

Frederick left no will. His estate was probated in Allamakee Co. IA; It was filed 10/5/1897 by W.O. Bock, Clerk of District court. He left no real estate but had personal property of a value not exceeding 400 dollars. His estate owed Ernest Groth $400 in the form of 2 notes, one for $250 dated March 27, 1897 and one for $150 dated April 6, 1897. His daughter Ida C. Groth was appointed administrix on September 11, 1897. The final papers were filed on June 23, 1899 and signed by Ida C. Engelhardt (nee Ida C. Groth) and Ernest Groth.

Frederich H.L. Groth and Caroline Hast had 3 children:

8. Ida C. Groth +
9. Ernest Groth +
10. Caroline Groth +


5. Christ Groth
(Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
Please note! Christ is unproven as a member of this family, but there is compelling evidence that he is indeed the son of Hans G. Groth. It is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Christ Groth was born in Mechlenburg, Germany on an unknown date. He married Sophia Helms in Mechlenburg c1852.

Christ, Sophia & their 3 son's immigrated to America c1866 and made their way to Ohio. Family lore passed down by his descendants tells that they had an infant son born at sea. The infant died, but Sophia didn't want the baby buried at sea so she pretended he was alive. Somehow they got through all the red tape and got to Cinncinnati where they buried him in 1866. A few months later Christian Groth died and was buried beside the infant son. Sophia removed to Clayton co. Iowa that same year and was married to Henry Sherman/Schuermann.

The 1880 census information for Henry (Hy) & Sophia Schuermann shows that Sophia & Henry had a daughter together, Marie b. IA c1870; and that Sophia had 3 sons: William (27), Fritz (22) & Otto (20) - all b. in Mechlenburg. The boys are shown to be Henry's step-sons and each of their surnames is Groth.

Conflict: A letter from Heinrich Groth dated 21 February 1939 stated that his grandfather, Hans Jürgen Groth and wife had 4 children, Joachim Heinrich, Friedrich, Johann, and a sister who was identified only as a sickly child who was still living at the time that Heinrich (who wrote the letter) was a young lad. This letter does not mention another son named Christ.

Supporting data: A hand-drawn family tree, unknown author & origin [possibly Esther Groth], does show Christ as a son of Hans Jürgen Groth and gives the names of the 3 sons - the same names as listed as Sophia's sons on the 1880 census.

There are many questions to be answered.

- I would be very interested in
exchanging information with a
descendant of this Groth


6. Joachim Heinrich Jurgen Groth

(Hans G.3,Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Stralendorf, Germany June 6, 1812. He married Dorothea Sophie Friederike Lubou in Stralendorf, Germany, November 1859. Dorothea was born in Stralendorf, Germany April 10, 1838.

A letter written to Esther Groth (translated from German by John Meyer) "....I am Heinrich Groth ... the youngest son of my parents. My father was the former successor leaseholder, at the present time called a farmer, Joachim Heinrich Juergen Groth, born 6 June 1812 at Stralendorf, therefore the brother of your grandfather, died on 28 December 1871, at that time I wasn't even 2 years old..."

Dorothea died December 3, 1871 in Stralendorf, Germany, at 33 years of age. Joachim died December 28, 1871 in Stralendorf, Germany, at 59 years of age. They both died of "Schwarze Poggen" [black pox?].

Joachim Groth & Dorothea Lubou had 4 children:

11. Fritz Groth (1860-1935)
12. Besta Groth (1863-1930)
13. Freida Groth (1867-1929)
14. Heinrich Groth (1870-?)


7. Johann Joachim 'John' Groth

(Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Stralendorf, Mechlenburg, Germany November 7, 1819. He was a carpenter by trade.

He married Elizabeth Catharine Zockmann in 1848. She was born in Germany April 26, 1822. John & Elizabeth had a family of 5 -- 3 girls and 2 boys. The sons both died very young. According to John's obituary, John & Elizabeth, with their daughters, emigrated to America in the spring of 1857 and settled in Farmersburg twp., Clayton co. Iowa. The manifest of the ship John Bertram, sailing from Hamburg to the Port of New York, records Johann and Elisa with their daughters Sophie (Louisa), Bertha and Ida. The ship arrived in NY on June 3, 1857. They were traveling with another carpenter from Mechlenberg, Jochen Jungbluth and his wife & son. The Jungbluth's settled in Guttenberg. A couple years after arriving in Clayton co., John and Elizabeth removed to Giard twp. Clayton co. In America John did not continue his carpentry trade, he farmed the land.

A year after Elizabeth's death in 1866, John married a widow, Caroline (Winterfield) Gebart in Clayton co. Iowa. Caroline was born in Menkendorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany on April 12, 1839. She had two children from her first husband, a son Henry and a daughter whose name may have been Minnie. John adopted Henry as his own son; and they had 8 other children together - a boy and seven girls. The son and two of the daughters died very young.

1880 - Census, Farmersburg, Clayton, Iowa: John Groth & family. John is aged 60 at the time of the census; wife Caroline is aged 40. Both born in Mechlenburg, Germany. The children listed in this household are Henry, Clara, Lucy, Ella, Emma & Mary. Henry, the eldest child was born in Iowa and is age 13.

In around 1897, John was severely injured in a runaway accident, and never completely recovered his health.

Elizabeth C. Zockmann died in on September 26, 1866, at 44 years of age. She is buried in the Giard cemetery. John died June 19, 1901 in Giard twp, Clayton Co. IA, of lung fever. He was 81 years of age. He is buried in the St. Paul's Lutheran cemetery, Monona, IA. Caroline died of cancer on March 23, 1909 at 70 years of age. She is buried at John's side.

John Joachim Groth and Elizabeth C. Zockmann had 5 children:

15. infant son
16. infant son
17. Louisa Groth +
18. Bertha Groth +
19. Ida Groth +

John Joachim Groth and Caroline Winterfield had 8 children:

20. infant son
21. infant daughter
22. infant daughter
22. Clara Groth +
23. Lucy Groth +
24. Ella Groth +
25. Mary Groth
26. Emma Groth +
27. Henry Groth
adopted son (1861-1929)

I would be very interested in
exchanging information with a
descendant of this

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