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31. Walter F. Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Allamakee Co. Iowa in July 1895. I know little of Walter other than he moved with his parents to Minnesota for several years where they owned land. His parents later moved back to Postville but Walter stayed on the Minnesota farm.

Walter Groth c1950

He married Lillian E. Larson c1920, in Minnesota. In 1930 they are living with her mother Christine, on a farm in Big Stone Co., Clinton twp. Minnesota. Walter is employed as a farmers union organizer.

Walter died in December 1977 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co. MN.

Walter Groth and Lillian Larson had 2 children:

33. Renee Groth (private)
34. Doris Groth (private)


32. Esther Maria Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
Esther was born in Iowa on November 16, 1896. Her given name was Esther Maria Sophia Fredericka Groth.

Esther never married. She was a school teacher in Sioux City, IA for many years and she had a Masters Degree from a school in NY. Esther traveled a lot and made at least one journey to Germany to research her family tree and to meet relatives still living in "the old country". A great deal of the family lineage information for the Groth family presented on these pages, is from the work of Esther Groth.

Esther Groth

Esther died July 11, 1981 in Decorah, Winneshiek Co. IA, at 84 years of age. She is buried in the Frankville, Winneshiek Co. IA cemetery. She is buried next to the graves of her aunt Caroline and her grandmother Caroline Hast Groth.


33. Arthur William Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa on January 30, 1898.

A.W. was a veterinarian and graduated from the St. Joseph Veterinary College, St. Joseph, Missouri in 1920.

Dr. A.W. Groth

He married twice. He married Helen J. unknown (I suspect her surname is Shanks, but this is not proven) in Iowa, abt 1922. Helen was born June 23, 1897 and died December 15, 1932 at 35 years of age. She is buried in the Frankville, Winneshiek Co. Iowa cemetery. He married second, Selma Limmer in Chester, South Dakota, February 14, 1938.

He practiced veterinary medicine in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. A.W. and Helen lived in West Union, Fayette co. Iowa from about 1930 - 1938. They lived in Ortonville, Minnesota from 1938 to 1955. From 1955 to 1964 he worked for the United States Department of Agriculture out of Watertown, South Dakota, moving then to Big Stone City, South Dakota and residing there from 1964 to 1971 when they moved back to Ortonville, Minnesota.

Arthur died October 20, 1987 in Ortonville, at 89 years of age. He has a stone in the Frankville, Winneshiek Co. Iowa cemetery, but he is buried in Ortonville. Selma died October 26, 1997 in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She is buried with Arthur in Ortonville cemetery.

Arthur William Groth and Helen J. unknown had 4 children:

35. Vera Francis Groth (died in infancy)
36. Justine Billie Groth (1926 - 2002)
37. Mary Lila Groth (1926 - 1939)
38. Gloria Jean Groth (private)

Arthur William Groth and Selma Limmer had 2 children:

39. Carolyn Groth (private)
40. Ruth Ann Groth (private)


34. Frederick "Fred" William Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in a log cabin, north of Postville, Allamakee Co. IA on October 16, 1899. His given name was Friedrich Wilhelm Bertram August Groth.

Fred went to business College in Cedar Rapids, IA and attended an Auto Mechanic school in Kansas City. He worked as mechanic for Fred Ruckdaschel in the Ruckdaschel Ford garage & later he sold automobiles for R.F. Hecker Sons in Postville.
Fred & Dorothy (Reincke) Groth - wedding
Fred & Dorothy wedding photo

He married Dorothy Eda Mary Reincke [#23 Reincke family] in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, July 10, 1925. She was the daughter of Charles Reincke and Bertrude Pearson. She was born in Grand Meadow twp.Clayton Co. on October 19, 1905.

They lived all but a couple years of their married life in Postville, Iowa. After they retired, they traveled frequently, visiting relatives around the country. Both enjoyed putting a few nickles in the Las Vegas slot machines!

Dorothy wrote Fred's biography for me in 1964, when I was working on a family history for an 8th grade school project : "That year Frederick and Dorothy were married, July 10, 1925 and started in the produce business in a very small way and at that time lived at the Commercial Hotel. They bought chickens and eggs and resold and enlarged their business some what which was where the Iris Theater now is. Their business had burned to the ground. Nothing daunted them, kept right on with only a shell for a roof and finally located where Electric Motor shop now is. When that wasn't large enough they moved to McNeil building west of Citizens State Bank where dressing chickens, turkey and larger operations began for what was t hen & still is known as Groth Packing Co. In 1939 it was necessary to have another location larger and enlarged several times until the present (1964) when the Postville Creamery Building west of Postville was acquired. The sons Lyle F and Gene A. who now are active in business which was turned over to them in 1961 and which they are now partners. They employ 80-85 people."

From the column by C.W.D titled As I See It: "A tour of inspection at the Postville Herald, June 22, 1949. The Postville Packing Company plant in west Postville the other evening was well worth the hour spent. Couldn't help bragging just a bit to my father, who accompanied me, on the progressive spirit of the men behind the venture and of the possibilities the plant holds forth for the community when it begins operations. Fred Groth, with his seemingly unending store of energy, is indeed an essential cog in the machine of progress for the community."

Dorothy died on July 18, 1998. Fred died August 30, 1998 in Waukon, IA, at 98 years of age. He survived Dorothy by only 6 weeks. He never understood why he couldn't stay in his home after her death. His sons moved him to the Waukon nursing home the day she was buried. He died of a broken heart. Fred and Dorothy are buried in the Postville, IA cemetery.

Frederick William Groth and Dorothy Eda Mary Reincke had 2 children:

41. Lyle Frederick Groth (1926 - 1999)
42. Gene Allen Groth (private)


35. Ruth C. Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
She was born May 7, 1904 near Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa. Her given name was Ruth Caroline Bertha Louise Groth.

She married Gaylord Layton Archer in June 1927 in Barn City, Iowa. Gaylord was born about 1899. Gaylords parents were
John Franklin Archer & Martha E. Hunt.

They lived in Davenport, Iowa for a time. Ruth was a high school teacher intermittently from 1927 to 1949. After World War II, she became employed at the Rock Island Arsenal, and later she became a real estate broker with R.I. Bayers Co., Davenport. She eventually started her own company, Archer Realty, which developed residential areas in the Davenport area. After Gaylord's death, she moved to Mesa, Arizona and became involved in real estate and residential development until retirement at the age of 85.

In the 1970's, I visited Aunt Ruth in her home on several occasions. I especially remember her wonderful laugh and sense of humor.

Gaylord died in 1962 of a heart attack. Ruth died September 25, 2001 at her home in Mesa, AZ aged 97 years. She is buried in Davenport Memorial Park, Davenport, Iowa.

Ruth Groth & Gaylord Archer had 5 children:

43. Esther Elaine Archer (1930 -1963)
44. Ernest Franklin Archer (private)
45. Gaylord Layton Archer (private)
46. Paul Allen Archer (1936 -1998)
47. John Edward Archer (private)


36. Luther Charles Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa on April 12, 1906. His given name was Luther Karl Hendrick Groth.

He was a cattle buyer for 60 years in the Spring Grove, Highland Co. Minnesota area.

He married twice, first to Julia Amanda Larson on October 27, 1926 at the West Clermont Lutheran Church in Clermont, Fayette Co. IA. Julia was born March 5, 1908; the daughter of
Louis Larson and Anna Ellingson.

Luther & Julia Groth
Luther & Julia

Second, Luther married Ruth (Jacobia) Livingood on September 30, 1966 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ruth was born September 3, 1923, the daughter of Homer Jacobia & Isabella Thyne.

Julia died on March 4, 1963 & is buried in the Highland Lutheran Church cemetery. Ruth died on April 15, 1993 & is buried in Postville, Iowa. Luther died on May 18, 2000 in Decorah, Winneshiek Co. Iowa. He is buried in the Highland Lutheran Church cemetery in rural Spring Grove, Minnesota.

Luther Charles Groth and Julia Amanda Larson had 5 children:

48. Kenneth Charles Groth (July 26, 1927-June 1, 2008)
49. Norma Alleyn Groth (private)
50. Keith Roger Groth (private)
51. Ila Ann Groth (private)
52. Duane Jordan Groth (private)


37. Harold Louis Groth
(Ernest5, Frederich H.L.4, Hans G.3, Hans Juergen2, Claus1)
He was born in Post twp, Allamakee Co. IA January 7, 1909. His given name was Harold Louis Johann Christian Groth.

He married Caryl Marion Bulman in Frankville, Winneshiek Co. IA on May 24, 1933. Caryl was born in Waukon, Makee twp., Allamakee Co. IA on December 27, 1909; the daughter of Frank T. Bulman & Millie Johnson.

In 1935, they purchased their farm from the Fred Schara estate, and moved there in 1936. There were 186 acres in this farm. In 1940, they purchased 104 acres from the Elizabeth Wilke place, which joined their farm.The original house burned in 1940, and a new house was built the same year.

Harold & Caryl Groth

The following news item appeared in the Postville Herald in May 1940: The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Groth, located four and a half miles northwest of Postville, was destroyed by fire Monday afternoon. Mr. Groth estimates his loss at approximately $4,000, which is partly covered by insurance. Otto Suckow, a painter, first noticed the blaze about four o'clock and a call was put in for Postville's volunteer fire department, but by the time they arrived the flames had gained considerable headway and it was impossible to save the building. In less than an hour the frame one story and a half structure, burned to the ground. With the help of friends, neighbors and firemen, the Groths were able to carry most of their furniture from the flaming house. The house, which consisted of nine rooms, was built many years ago, but it had been remodeled and kept in good repair. At the present time the Groths are staying with friends and relatives. "It is impossible to state at this time when and if we will rebuild," Mr. Groth concluded.

Caryl died April 30, 1996 in Northwood, IA, at 86 years of age. Harold died April 18, 1979 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 70 years of age. They are buried in the Postville, Iowa cemetery.

Harold Louis Groth and Caryl Marion Bulman had 3 children:

53. Elaine Groth (private)
54. Ernest Groth (private)
55. Janet Groth (private)

Walter, Esther, Arthur & Fred Groth
The 4 oldest children of Ernest & Augusta Groth, c1900
Walter, Esther, Arthur & Fred

Harold, Luther, Fred, Arthur, Esther & Walter Groth

6 of the 7 children of Ernest & Augusta Groth, 1973
Harold, Luther, Fred, Arthur, Esther & Walter

My family research is an on-going project.
I frequently have further information and
am always thrilled to hear from others
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