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10. Sanford Dexter Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on May 4, 1833.  As a young man, he learned the tailor trade, following in his father's footsteps.

He married twice.  He married first Emeline  E. Arms on February 21, 1856. Her parents were Hiram Armes & Tamazin E. Paddock of Adams Center, NY.  Emeline died April 10, 1860 in Adams Center, Jefferson Co. NY. She is buried in Adams Center. 

He married second Mary Elizabeth Safford on  March 20, 1862.  Her parents were Ira C. Safford & Caroline Ackley.

Sanford D. Hunt served in the Civil War, enlisting at age 29 on 8/11/1863.   He was a bugler for the 10th Regiment, New York State heavy artillery unit, called the  Black River Regiment  He was discharged on 6/8/1865, with the rank of Corporal.

Sanford Dexter Hunt - photo courtesy of B. French

Sanford & Mary Elizabeth lived in Jefferson Co. NY.  They removed to Carthage from Antwerp in 1876. He was a tailor, secretary of Carthage Masonic Lodge and Chapter, and a commander of Steele Post, G. A. R.

The 1880 Federal census enumerates Sanford & Mary in Carthage, Jefferson co. NY. Living with them is their 15 year-old daughter and Mary's parents. Sanford's occupation is a tailor.

Both Sanford & Mary are found on the 1890 Alexandria business directory; he  working as a tailor at Cornwall Brothers Emporium and Mary owning a millinary shop.

The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy named over 100 relatives.  She died intestate in Huron co., OH.  Sanford Dexter Hunt was named as an heir, he, along with his siblings, being her 1st cousins.

Sanford D. Hunt died on August 3, 1895 in Carthage, Jefferson Co., NY.  He is buried in the Fairview cemetery in Carthage.  I presume that Mary E. is also buried there.

Sanford Dexter Hunt and Emeline E. Arms had 1 child:

23.    William Foster Hunt  (1859 -1931)

Sanford Dexter Hunt and Mary E. Safford had 1 child:

24.    Edith Emeline  Hunt  (1862 -1924)


11. Dewitt Clinton Hunt
(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)

He was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on September 15, 1835. 

He married twice.  He married Amanda Wait on  July 18, 1857.  Amanda was born abt 1835 in NY and was likely the daughter of Milo & Miranda Wait [unproven] of Rodman, NY. Dewitt, Amanda and their 2 year old daughter Isabel M. are found on the 1860 US census in Lewis Co., Denmark town, NY.  DeWitt is listed as a wheelright.  Amanda died January 21, 1861.

DeWitt and A. Russel received an assignment of patent for a Portable Fence on Feb. 3, 1859.  I have the original deed, annotated by Dewitt, 'Deed for Farm Right' to make & use the fence and a drawing and instructions on how to construct the fence.

DeWitt served his country during the Civil War in the 35th N.Y. Infantry.


DeWitt Clinton Hunt

DeWitt removed to Iowa  in 1864 with his sister Julia Marcella Hunt.  She wrote of this 10 day trip by train, stage coach and ferry.  Along the way they made a detour to visit with "the woman he intended to marry".  Whether or not this unnamed woman was Hannah, is not known.

He married his second wife,  Hannah Melissa Teeter in Luana, Clayton Co. IA on November 20, 1864.  Hannah was born in Cooksville, Ontario, CAN  on July 11, 1842.  She was the daughter of Moses Teeter Jr.  and Anna Christina Palmer Cook.

Dewitt chewed tobacco and wanted to quit.  In 1864 he wrote a letter to a doctor in Philadelphia, PA; ordering a large package of Sanfords Health Restoring Lozenges. Dewitt mail-ordered assorted items from G.C. Cone, Shelf & Heavy Hardware, Iron, Steel &c., McGregor, IA : 75 lbs. Tine, 1/8 + 3/4,2 lbs. light iron, 5 lbs. buggy springs, set of spokes, 3 1/2 lbs. Hook iron and assorted bolts.  He paid $34.11 for the entire purchase.  He paid McGregor Western Railway for the shipment, received August 10, 1865.   On May 17, 1866  Dewitt received correspondence from Central Office of  US Prize Concert of Chicago.  This letter admonishes him for not complying with their rules regarding weekly reports & remittances. They threaten to publish his name in a list of "delinquent agents". 

He lived for several years in or near Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA.  The 1870 census lists DeWitt & Hannah in McGregor twp., Clayton Co. IA.  This is within a couple miles of Hardin, which is located in both Clayton & Allamakee Counties.

He  removed to Hennepin Co. MN in 1871 and the family can be found in the 1880 census there. I have found some evidence that he may have served as JP in Hennipen Co. MN yrs. 1880-1883.  He received payment as an heir to Julia Ann McCurdy's estate in 1884.

DeWitt filed for a Civil War pension in MN in 1879.  His widow Hannah M. Hunt filed for widow's pension in MN in 1900.

In his later years DeWitt lived with his sons in Minneapolis.  The Minnesota Directories 1889-91, show that he is living at residence 613 10th Avenue S.  Also at this same address are Arthur W. Hunt and Horace D. Hunt.

DeWitt died August 29,1900 in Minneapolis, MN, at 64 years of age, and is buried in the Lakewood cemetery of that city.   Hannah died March 31, 1919 in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co. IA, at 76 years of age. She is reported to be buried in the Methodist cemetery; Luana, Clayton Co. IA; but I have been unable to locate her grave.

DeWitt Clinton Hunt and Amanda Waite had 1 child:

25.    Isabel May Hunt  (1858 - ?)

DeWitt Clinton Hunt and Hannah M. Teeter had 5 children:

26.    Anna Christina Hunt  (1864 - 1869)
27.    DeWitt Clinton Hunt Jr.  (1869 - 1881)
28.    Arthur Wadsworth Hunt +
29.    Horace Dexter Hunt +
30.    Earl Moses Hunt +


12. Clarissa 'Clara' Goodwin Hunt
(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on September 1, 1838.  It is likely she was named after her grandaunt Clarissa [Campa] Hunt Goodwin.

Julia Hunt wrote of her sister: [My father Horace] "...had several cousins, one of them Sanford who Clara my oldest sister lived with, after mother died, 'til she was married at 33.  The next year after my mother died my sister Clara went to Boston to live with father's cousin Sanford Hunt and lived there 'til she married."

She married Philon Currier Widden, MD in Cook Co. IL on October 1, 1872.  He was born November 21, 1839 in Rockford, Illinois.  His parents were Josiah P. Whidden and Eliza Godwin.  Philon was a Civil War veteran, serving Company B 13 Massachusetts Infantry.   He enlisted as a medical student on July 1, 1861 at the rank of 1st Lieu., acting as an assistant surgeon. He was severely wounded in the battle of Antietam, and upon recovery joined the navy and served as surgeon.   When the war ended he returned to Harvard.   

Philon attended Amherst College, Amherst, MA beginning in 1857, but did not graduate from there.  Presumably he completed his medical training during or after the Civil War. The Amherst record seems to indicate he graduated from Harvard college in 1866. The Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929 gives Philon's specialty as allopathic physician. *

He filed for a C.W. pension on July 18, 1866 and also in 1866, Philon removed to Chicago. Clara & Philon are found on the 1880 census living in Chicago. 

The personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy named over 100 relatives when she died intestate in Huron co., OH.  Clarissa Goodwin Whiddon was named as an heir, along with her siblings

On the 1920 census, Clara is a widow & living in the household of her daughter & son-in-law, Ethyl H. & Harry H. Boice, and their children in New Trier twp., Cook Co. IL. By 1930 Clara has moved with Harry & Ethyl to Bridgewater twp, Somerset Co, New Jersey.

Philon died of apoplexy on March 7, 1900, his body cremated and buried in Graceland cemetery, Chicago - Lot #208, Lakeside in the family lot of his family physician, E. Beach Loomis. I do not know when Clara died, or where she is buried and would welcome hearing from a descendant of Clarissa & Philon.

Clarissa G. Hunt  and Philon C. Whidden had two children:

31.    Ethel Hunt Whidden (1875 - ?)
32.    Phillip G. Whidden (1878 -1949)

*Allopath/Allopathist -
One practicing allopathy, the treatment of disease by the use of medicines that produce phenomena different from those of the disease treated.
-Gould's Medical Dictionary, 1900


13. Mary Ann Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on March 1, 1839. 

She married Charles Darius Gilbert in Rodman on November 9, 1858.  Her sister Julia wrote: "Sister Mary Ann stayed home two years and then she married Darious Gilbert, a young merchant in Rodman. She took my sister Mattie to live with her, as she was only 4 years old."   I believe that Charles' parents were William Gilbert JR & Anice Gilbert. [unproven] Charles & Mary Ann are found in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on the 1860 census.  He is listed as a merchant.

They were enumerated on the 1870 United States Federal Census, New York, Saint Lawrence co., Rossie, postoffice: Summerville. Charles' occupation was given as retail merchant. 4 year-old William F., their son, and Mary's sister Martha B. 'Mattie' Hunt, age 17, are in the household.

Mary Ann died after the 1870 census and before the 1880 census.

C.D. Gilbert remarried after Mary Ann died and can be found on the 1880 census, working as a butter & cheese dealer.  His second wife is named Alice and is a dressmaker and son Fred is age 14, working as a clerk.  Fred received his mothers portion of the personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy, in 1884.

Mary Ann Hunt & Charles D. Gilbert had one son:

33. William Frederick 'Fred' Gilbert (1866 - ?)


14. Horace Stoughton Hunt Jr.

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on March 24, 1841. 

He married Maria unknown between 1860 & 1870. I believe Maria's surname was Rudd & that her parents were Nathan & Phillilia / Fillilia / Fidelia Rudd, but have yet to prove this.

He served two tours of duty in the Civil War.  At age 20 he enlisted from Watertown, NY on Dec. 31, 1861 in B Co. 35th Inf Reg. NY; Mustered Out at Elmira, NY on 05 June 1863.  He enlisted out of Rodman, NY on Dec. 30, 1863 and was promoted to Full Sergt on 15 September 1864.   He was promoted to Full Qtr Master Serg on 15 March 1865 & promoted to Full 2nd Lieut on 15 May 1865. Served New York  Enlisted M Co. 14th HA Reg. NY Mustered Out at Washington, DC on 26 August 1865. Transferred on 15 March 1865 from Company M to Company S.  Transferred on 15 May 1865 from Company S to Company M.

Sgt. Horace S. Hunt JR

Horace S. & Maria are found on the 1870 census living in the 1st Ward, Watertown, Jefferson, NY.  His occupation is listed as an agent for Davis sewing machines. Living with them is Friddice Rudd, age 65, b. CT. They are in the same place in 1880, but he lists his occupation as a Washing Machine agent.  H.S. is on the 1890 Watertown city census of CW vets. By 1920 he is living with his brother Theodore in Watertown.

The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy names Horace Stoughton  Hunt Jr. as an heir.   He filed for a C.W. pension on May 23, 1887 certificate #388361. No wife is noted, so perhaps Maria has already died. On an 1890 'surviving veterans' schedule he is shown to have a disability of chronic diarrhea and rheumatism for 28 years.

His sister Julia wrote in 1939: "Horace married just after the war and went to Central America near Costa Rica and bought a coffee plantation where he lived till his wife died 40 yrs later.  He sold his plantation at a great sacrifice and came back to New York.  He died in a short time of pneumonia and left a few thousand.  This he left to his brothers and sisters and their heirs, but after the expenses of his burial and a tombstone were paid for, it left about $100 for me.  I think that was about 15 yrs. ago."

The 1895 obituary of his brother Sanford Dexter Hunt gives Horace's  residence as Central America.  In 1919, he can be found in the records of Ellis Island, traveling from  Port Limon, Costa Rica aboard the American Steamship Esparta   He gave his address as Watertown, NY and marital status as widower.

Horace S. Hunt Jr. died January 14, 1921. He is buried in Gulfstream Cemetery, Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY; the cemetery where his mother Harriet L. Bailey is interred. 

Horace S. Hunt Jr. & Maria had no known children.


15. Harriet Amelia 'Hattie' Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on December 30, 1843.

She married James H. Barnes in June 1867.  J.H. Barnes was born August 1, 1840 at New Carlisle, Olive twp., St. Joseph co., Indiana; and came with his parents Isaac Barnes & Harriet Churchill, to Monona in 1860. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted in Hackett's Brigade, U.S. Cavalry, Co. B, Minnesota. [Thank-you! George Borden, a descendant of Isaac & Harriet Barnes, for setting me straight on J.H. Barnes' parents. I do appreciate it. SGF: 2/17/2006]

Hattie and James first farmed in Clayton co. and later moved to town. J.H. engaged in the real estate business, buying and selling much property in Monona. He also built several residences there.   He gave his occupation as a scrap iron dealer on the 1880 census.   In 1882 he was listed as Foreman of Monona Lodge, No. 172, A. O. U. W. The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy names Harriet Amelia Barnes as an heir. They moved from Monona to McGregor about 1898, where J.H. formed a partnership with Hoyt and McNeal in the hardware business, but after a few years they moved to Spencer, Iowa and later to Mason City.

The family was enumerated on the 1900 US census living in Spencer, Spencer twp. Clay co. IA. James' birthplace, and that of his parents was given as NY and he listed his occupation as a scrap-iron dealer; Harriet was a dressmaker. Three daughters, Lucille A., Genevieve & Maude E. are living with their parents.

Hattie is found on the 1920 census, living with her daughter & son-in-law, Maude & Obert Connaway, in Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co. Iowa. She is listed as a widow. By 1930, she has moved with the Conaway's to Anaheim Township, Orange co. CA

J.H. Barnes died February 16, 1918 in Mason City, Iowa. He is buried in the Monona City cemetery (Monona, Clayton co. Iowa) with his daughters Florence & Lucille. Hattie died in Orange co. CA on August 10, 1937. Although I am not sure, it is likely she is buried in Orange co. If her body was brought to Monona for burial, she has no stone or inscription on J.H.'s stone.

Hattie A. Hunt &  J.H. Barnes had 6 children:

34.     Genevieve Barnes (1881 - ?)
35.     Florence Barnes (1871 - 1887)
36.     Dudley Barnes (1874 - ?)
37.     Charles Barnes (1876 - ?)
38.     Lucille Barnes (1878 - between 1900 & 1918)
39.     Maude Barnes (1884-?)


16. Emeline Louisa Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on March 23, 1845. 

She married James 'Jesse'  Hazel c1874 in NY.   He  was born in 1839 in NY, the son of Richard Hazel and Elizabeth Parham, immigrants from Adlerbury, Wiltshire, England 

On the 1880 census Jesse & Emeline  are found living in Adams, Jefferson Co. NY.  Living with them are  his father Richard and younger brother  Niswell Hazel.   Jesse is a farmer. 

The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy named  Emeline Louisa Hazel  as an heir, along with her siblings

In 1890 Jess is listed in the  Adams twp.; Geographical Gazetteer of Jefferson County, N.Y.  He is raising Durham cows on leased shares of Richard Hazel.

Emeline  is named in brother Sanford's obit [1895] as Mrs. Jessie Hazel, of Antwerp, NY.

James J. Hazel died of heart trouble on August 1, 1906 in Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY.  Emeline died sometime after 1906 and is buried  with her husband & infant daughter in Rural Cemetery, Adams twp., Jefferson Co. NY.

Emeline L Hunt  & Jessie Hazel  had 2 children:

40.    Harriet Hazel (1874 -1876)
41.    Richard Hazel (1877 - ?)


17. Theodore Lansing Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on March 27, 1847.   

Theo served in the Civil War, regiment: 11th, USRI,  Co D, enlisted: 3/11/65, discharged: 3/10/68.  After the war he worked as a carpenter, eventually becoming superintendant of the buildings of the Watertown NY schools.

He married Gertrude L. 'Bridget' Loftus on February 8, 1869 in Watertown, NY.  She was born in 1846, in Galway, Ireland; the daughter of Peter Loftus & Margaret unknown.

The 1870 census Watertown, Jefferson, NY lists Theodore, Bridget & infant Hattie. The 1880 census, same place, lists Theodore & Bridget and daughters Hattie, Lilly, Maggie & Florence.

The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy lists Theodore Lansing Hunt  as an heir, along with his siblings. 

Theodore is listed on the 1890 City of Watertown Civil War veteran census. He  filed for C.W. pension on May 11, 1893.   No wife or children are listed.

After Bridget's death in 1906, and before 1920, Theodore remarried to Emma B. (McFeeley) Danks. Emma was born in Scotland c1860 and was the widow of Edwin C. Danks. They can be found on the Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY 1920 census. Theodore is retired and living with them is his brother Horace S. Hunt. 

Gertrude 'Bridget' Loftus died November 18, 1906 and is buried in Calvary cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY [also called Huntington cemetery]. Theodore Hunt died December 28, 1935. His second wife Emma died January 15, 1924. They are buried in North Watertown cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY.

Theodore Lansing Hunt  and Gertrude 'Bridget' Loftus had 6 children:

42.  Harriet Mary Hunt  (1870 - ?)
43.  Lillian E. Hunt (1873 - ?)
44.  Margaret E. Hunt (1875 - ?)
45.  Florence K. Hunt  (1880 - ?)
46.  Gertrude C. Hunt (1882 - ?)
47. Theodore L. Hunt Jr +


18. Julia Marcella Hunt
(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on May 23, 1850.  When she was six years old her mother died and she lived with an aunt until she removed to Iowa in 1864. 

Julia Hunt wrote her memoirs in 1939, excerpts of which I've included  in the notes for  individual family-members through-out the Hunt and Pearson family pages on this web-site.  She wrote about herself:

"I stayed in NY til Feb. 9th, 1864 then came to Iowa with my brother Dewitt.  I went to school in Hardin in the winter and the next summer.  The next winter I went to school in Postville and the next winter I went to school in Monona and the next summer I taught school in the country at the age of 17.  I had four brothers in the Civil War.  None of them were wounded.  Their names were Sanford, Dewitt, Horace and Theodore."  Julia, profiled in the Postville Herald newspaper  on April 17, 1940  "...can recall scraping lint from old linen to put in wounds of soldiers during the Civil War.  She also remembers the day of Lincoln's assassination."

She married George Pearson [
#10 Pearson family], a widower, in Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA on April 16, 1868.  George was born in Bombay Hook Island, DE  on November 26, 1823. He was the son of Richard Pearson Sr and Mary Ann Murch Lyon

G.W. Pearson & Julia M. Hunt

Julia wrote of her marriage:  "We were married on April 16, 1868.  I was 18 on the 23rd of May.  Altogether too young to assume such a position and for a few years found it very difficult.  Libby and Victor were dear little children and I won their love at once, but Fannie was 13 and was jealous and unkind."   George and Julia lived near Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA and farmed.  Sometime after George died, Julia moved into the town of Postville.

Julia wrote poetry and short stories.  My grandmother [Dorothy Reincke Groth] told me that many of Julia's stories and poetry were published.  She fell and broke her hip at age 86 and was confined to a wheelchair.  She wrote in 1939:  "Two years ago I fell and broke my leg and have been a helpless cripple in my bed most of the time only when they carry me to my wheel chair.  I suffer a lot and will be so glad to go to the better as soon as the dear Lord will take me,  he has been my helper all my life.  I gave him my heart in childhood and will trust in him to the end."

Julia M. Hunt Pearson - golden years

George  Pearson died on November 13, 1900 in Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA, at 76 years of age.  Julia died in 1941 in  Postville, Allamakee Co. IA  They are  buried in Grand Meadow twp. cemetery, Clayton Co. IA.   At the time of her death Julia was Postville's oldest citizen.

Julia Marcella Hunt and George Pearson had 6  children:

48.   Georgia Mae Pearson +
49.   Jessie June Pearson +
50.   Mattie Pearson +
51.   Bertrude Louise Pearson +
52.   Katherine Pearson +
53.   Chester Arthur Pearson +

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19. Martha Bailey 'Mattie' Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
She was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY on August 15, 1852.   Mattie went to live with her sister Mary Ann after her mother died when she was 4 yrs. old. 

She married Gaylord William Hall October 30, 1872 in NY.  Gaylord was born February 22, 1851 in Sommerville, St. Lawrence co. NY.  His parents were Hiram Hall & Livina Goodenough. In 1880 they are living with Gaylord's widowed mother Lavina in Antwerp, Jefferson Co. NY.  Gaylord lists himself as a cabinet maker on the census information.

The 1884 personal estate of Julia Ann (Woodward) McCurdy named Martha Bailey Hall  as an heir, along with her siblings.

Gaylord, a widower, is found in the 1930 census; the head-of-household. His daughter & son-in-law (Claude Moore), grandson Roger & niece Jennie Brown are living with him.

Mattie died in 1928 & Gaylord Hall died in 1940.  They are  buried in Antwerp - Hillside cemetery.

Mattie B. Hunt & Gaylord Hall  had at least 2 children:

54.    Herbert F. Hall  (1874 -1888)
55.    Marion Hall  (c1884 - ?)


20. Henry Wilton Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He  was born January 20, 1858 in NY. 

He married  Rosie Amelia Cooley abt 1882 in Illinois.  They lived in St. Paul, Ramsey Co. MN.   The St. Paul City Directory, 1889-1890 lists Henry W.  Hunt;  occupation- tailor  address #1. 978 Wabasha St. and  address #2  867 Ohio St.  His father is listed as a boarder.  Also listed in this same directory are employees of H.W. Hunt: John Beck, John Bruhn and David Feinstein - all tailors.

By 1920 they had removed to Arizona and Henry has taken up farming. The 1920 US census; Arizona, Cochise Co., McAllister gives Henry, Rosie and her mother Louisa Cooley (age 85) in one household. The next 2 families are headed by his sons Henry W. and Homer. By 1930, Henry & Rosie have removed to San Bernardino Co. CA

He was the final surviving sibling of this family, and is named in the obituary of his sister Julia (1941) as living in Long Beach, CA.  

Rosie Cooley died May 12, 1934. Henry W. Hunt died in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co. CA on December 16, 1947 of heart disease. They are buried in the Bellevue Cemetery, Ontario, CA.    

Henry Wilton Hunt and Rosie Coley had 3 children:

56.   Lewis C. Hunt  (1885 - ?)
57.   Homer Harvey Hunt +
58.   Henry Wilton Hunt Jr.  +


21. Edmund H. Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born about 1860 in Rodman, Jefferson Co. NY.

The 1880 census lists Edmund as living with his parents in Minneapolis, age 20 and occupation: blacksmith

Nothing is known of Edmund until 1920, when he is living near his brother Harry in McAllister, Cochise co., AZ and working as a farm laborer. He is a single man.


22. Charles C. 'Charlie' Hunt

(Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Allamakee Co. IA in in 1863.  

Charlie is found on the 1880 census, living with his parents in Minneapolis, age 16, occupation: printer.

He married Augusta Hinsdill. Augusta was born in NY abt 1870. Her mother was Martha.

His sister Julia wrote: "Charlie learned the printers trade in his teens in Minneapolis, MN.  Then went to Washington D.C. and worked for the Government all through Cleveland's administration.  He was sent to Africa as correspondent for associate Press when about 22. He came back to new York which has been his home ever since, although he was born in Iowa in 1863 and lived there 7 years. He is now and has been for many years Sec. of Masonic Lodge.  All our family are dead now but Charlie and brother Henry and myself." 

Charley, Augusta, their daughter Dorothy and Augusta's mother Martha Hinsdill are living in Mt. Vernon, Westchester co. NY in 1920. Charley is the secretary of a Fraternal Order.

Charles C. Hunt and Augusta had at least one child:

59. Dorothy Hunt (c1898 - ?)


Some of the Hunt siblings

L-R: Mattie, Hattie, Gaylord (Hall), Julia, Mr. M., Clara, Theodore, Mrs. R., Theo wife, Millie R., Harry's wife,
Horace Hunt, wife (?) & Roger. The photo is undated & I am uncertain exactly who some of the people are
in this photo. It was in the personal belongings of Julia Hunt Pearson & annoted in her handwritting.

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