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Generation V

28. Arthur Wadsworth Hunt
(DeWitt Clinton4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)

He was born in McGregor, Clayton co. Iowa on January 26, 1871. He removed to Minneapolis, Hennipen co. MN with his parents at the age of one & lived there for the remainder of his life. His occupation was postal clerk.

He married Margery Barnhart abt 1904.  Margery was born December 21, 1878 and was the daughter of Jacob Smith Barnhart (a daguerrean artist & photographer) and Margery G. Durst.

A.W. Hunt & Margery unknown
Photo was taken outside the Commercial Hotel in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA

'Marge' was a good friend of my grandmother, Dorothy Reincke Groth and often attended Groth home-dinners in the years when I was growing up in Postville, IA. In her later years she lived in the Lutheran Home in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Arthur died on March 1, 1951 in Minneapolis, MN, at the age of 80 years.   Margery died in Cedar Falls, Blackhawk co. IA on May 19, 1971 at the age of 92 years.   They are buried in Lakewood cemetery, Minneapolis, MN.

Arthur Wadsworth Hunt and Margery Barnhart had 1 child:

60.   Virginia Hunt   (May 5, 1905 - August 11, 1905)


29. Horace Dexter Hunt

(DeWitt Clinton4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Minneapolis, MN on August 26, 1874.  

Horace D. Hunt is listed in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Directories, 1889-91 as a border at  613 10th avenue S. and in the 1909 directory as a salesman working for The Builders Hardware Co.

He married Lillian Bell Barton in Minneapolis, MN,  on April 17, 1920.  Bertha Pearson wrote to her mother Julia Hunt Pearson in April 1920: "...We rec'd your card this morn.  But was somewhat surprised at the news, my! Who was the lucky girl we think she sure was a prize winner when she gets Horace!" She was refering to her first cousin Horace. Lillian was born in Wisconsin on December 27, 1892.  Her parents were Thomas B.  Barton and Mary E. Dawes.

Lillian had been a school teacher near South Haven, MN in 1910. By 1919 was employed by the Warner Hardware store in South Haven.. They removed to Waterloo, Black Hawk Co. IA in 1925. Where Lillian operated the Circular Letter Shop, a multigraphing and mailing concern, and was a public stenographer from 1927 to 1935.

Horace died on October 2, 1968 in Waterloo, IA, at 94 years of age.  Lillian died in 1971 in IA, at 79 years of age.  Horace & Lillian are buried in the rural Luana, Clayton Co. IA cemetery.

Horace Dexter Hunt and Lillian Barton had 3 children:

61.     Marion Lillibelle Hunt  (1921 -1995)
62.     Horace Dexter 'Hod' Hunt  Jr. (private)
63.     Frances Bernard Hunt  (1928 -1987)


30. Earl Moses Hunt

(DeWitt Clinton4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Minneapolis, MN on August 3, 1882. 

He married Elva Mae Williams in Minneapolis, MN on June 8, 1904. Elva Mae was born in Indiana. She was a school teacher and a piano student at Julliard. They were living Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA, as per the 1920 census, where Earl's occupation was 'stationery engineer'. Their 2 young children are not found with them on this census, perhaps because the couple were having marital problems.

Kristine Hunt Fitzsimmons wrote to me of her grandfather: "Earl was a railroad agent and when the Treasury Dept. took over that function, he automatically became an FBI agent. The family moved west to Garden Grove, CA around 1920. Earl and Elva divorced shortly after the move west. Grandma, my dad [Kenneth] and sister Twila stayed in Garden Grove on about 5 acres they called "The Ranch". Elva's parents moved from their farm in South Dakota to help Elva raise the children. Earl moved to Washington and continued his work as an FBI agent." and "I remember him visiting us for a few days around 1950 or 51. He was a handsome man with white hair. We visited him in 1956 when I was 8 years old, but I don't remember much about that visit other than he had a really old car. Dad asked him why he didn't get a new car and his reply was, "Nobody notices an old man in an old car." I guess he was still doing surveillance for the FBI at that time. He would have been around 75 then. "

Elva died in 1966 in Garden Grove, CA.

Earl remarried in 1957. Ironically his second wife was also named Elva.

Earl died November 24, 1966 in  Seattle, WA, at 84 years of age.  Burial is in Edmonds, WA

Earl M. Hunt and Elva M. Williams had two children:

64. Kenneth A. Hunt (1914 -2003)
65. Twila J. Hunt (private)


47. Theodore L. Hunt
(Theodore L4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)

He was born April 15, 1886 in Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY.

In 1905 he was a student at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. He married Catherine M. unknown c1906. Catherine was born in Canada.

By 1920, the family is living in Onondaga Co., Syracuse City, NY. He is a toolmaker in a factory. On the 1930 census Theodore lists his occupation as a toolmaker in a washing machine company.

I believe that Theodore L. Hunt Jr. died in Syracuse in June 1977.

Theodore L. Hunt Jr. and Catherine M. unknown had at least 2 children:

66. Dorothy M. Hunt (1909 - ?)
67. Horace Hunt (1907 - ?)


57. Homer Harvey Hunt

(Henry H.4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born in Minnesota on October 20, 1891.

He married Nettie E. Thrasher c1913/14. Nettie was born December 6,1891 in California. Their oldest 2 children were born in California. They removed to Arizona, and in 1920 are farming in McAllister, Cochise Co. AZ. By 1930 they have moved back to California, and are found in Burbank, Los Angeles co. on the 1930 census.

Homer died in Burbank, California on August 14, 1952 and Nettie died in North Hollywood, California on June 3, 1968.

Homer H. Hunt & Nettie unknown had at least 2 children:

68. Alice R. Hunt (1915 - ?)
69. Harry Harvey Monroe Hunt (1918 - 1996)
70. Ruth L. Hunt (1920 - ?)


58. Henry Wilton Hunt
(Henry H.4 Horace Stoughton3, Elijah2, Gad1)
He was born June 4, 1893 in Minnesota.

He married Minnie Mae Harris c1918. Minnie was born October 23, 1896 in California, the daughter of Charles J. Harris & Sarah Jane Cook.

Henry & Minnie's daughter was born in California and by 1920 they are farming next door to his father & brother in McAllister, Cochise Co. AZ. They are back in California by 1930, living in Long Beach.

Henry died in Cedar Glen, San Bernardino co. California on January 7, 1970. Minnie died in Nevada City, Nevada co. California on February 12, 1982.

Henry W. Hunt & Minnie Harris had a least two children:

71. Winnefried Hunt (1919 - ?)
72. Edwin Wilton Hunt (1924 - 1995)

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