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Murch family
Delaware to Iowa

I have not yet found when my Murch ancestors first settled in Delaware, nor do I know their country of origin. My first known Murch ancestor is Mathew ......

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Generation I

1. Mathew Murch
He was born September 21, 1759 in the colony of Delaware. His parents are unknown.

He likely married twice.  He married first  abt 1790.  He married second,  Martha 'Marthy' Cameron Downs, c1795.  Martha was born in Ireland December 8, 1762.  Her parents were James Cameron and Ann unknown.     Martha Cameron was the widow of John Downs who died in New Castle Co., St. Georges Hundred, DE  in 1791. 

Mathew Murch is listed on the 1790 reconstructed census of Delaware, New Castle Co., St. Georges Hundred.; the 1810 census, same location; and the 1816 tax list Port Penn, St. Georges Hundred, DE.  The 1816 tax list shows Mathew Murch to be fairly wealthy.  He was taxed on:  Mathew Murch, his person, 25a near Port Penn improved, 1 house and lot in Port Penn, one house and lot in Port Penn rented to J. Watson, livestock & 15 oz. plate.  The extractors notes said that plate (gold, silver or other base metal), was the only category of household possessions that were taxed.

Matthew Murch is listed on a Return of Fines, July 29, 1809:   A return of the Fines & Forfeitures imposed on the Members composing the 1st Co. of the 3rd Regiment of Delaware Militia, Agreeable to the Sentene of a Court Martial duly Summoned & Qualified, the 29th Day of July 1809.  The fines were imposed on the following days: 22 April, Muster-day $1; 13th May, Battalion-day $1; 7th June, Review-day $1.25; Novem'r, Muster-day $1; and amount of each in Dols & Cts. $4.25.

Marthy lived for several years after the death of Mathew.  She can be found on census records for 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850.

Mathew Murch died November 26, 1820 in DE, at 61 years of age.  He left a will.  The inventory & appraisement of the goods and chattles of Matthew Murch, late of St Georges Hundred, New Castle Co.;  was done December 23, 1820 and returned June 12, 1821.  The list of the sales of the property of Matthew Murch was recorded January 4, 1821.  Items sold and the purchasers are listed. The estate had been valued at $361.25, the total sales were for $272.25.

 Martha died in either 1850 or 1851.

Mathew Murch and unknown had 1 child:

2. Wesley Murch +

Mathew Murch and Martha Cameron had 5 children:

3.   Dickenson Murch +
4.   Mary Ann Murch +
5.   Martha Murch +
6.   James Murch +
7.   Sarah Ann Murch +

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