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45. Lillian Mae Pearson
(Richard4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born in June 29, 1891 in Hardin, Allamakee Co. Iowa.  

Lillian possibly married twice - first to Elmer Leas, on March 17, 1915. I don't know if this marriage ended due to the death of Elmer or if they divorced. She next married Elmer H. Christofferson on January 21, 1925.  They lived in or near Ossian, Winneshiek Co. Iowa.

Elmer Christofferson died July 11, 1963. I don't know when Lillian died, or where either are buried.


46. Lloyd A. Pearson
(Richard4 George3 Richard2 John1)
He was born in Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA on May 12, 1894. 

He married Grace Hinman, daughter of  Charles Albert Hinman & Lillie Ridenour.  Grace was born on September 19, 1893 in Luana, Clayton Co. IA. 

They are listed on the  1920 US census, Clayton Co., Grand Meadow twp., IA. Lloyd was the 4th generation Pearson to work the family farm. 

Lloyd was  a director of the Luana-Monona Farmers Telephone Company in 1935.  He is listed in the phone books for 1932 & 1935;  ph#236F162.  Grace was an active member of the The Post-Franklin Study Club.

Grace Hinman died December 27, 1952 of ovarian cancer.  Lloyd Pearson died of heart trouble on January 20, 1958.  They are buried in the Postville cemetery.

Lloyd Pearson and Grace Hinman had  1 child:

67.     Roger Orville Pearson (1916-1980)


47. Coral Abbie Pearson
(Richard4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born June 27, 1887 in Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA.  She and her sister were musically inclined as revealed by this Postville Review item in 1909:  "J.N. Leithold this week delivered an elegant Estey Piano to the Misses Coral and Nettie Pearson of Hardin"

She married Colbey C. Jones in March 1909.  He was the son of Frank Jones & Ella Collins.  Colbey was the brother of Eula Jones who married Chester A. Pearson, Coral's half uncle.    The first ten years of their married life were spent in Canada homesteading land. They went to Canada in a covered wagon.  I don't know when they returned to Iowa.

Colbey Jones died in 1942. Coral died August 13, 1950 in Postville, Iowa.

Coral Pearson & Colbey C. Jones had two children:

68.  Earl Victor Jones
69.  Coral 'Midge' Jones (private)


48. Nettie Pearson
(Richard4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born January 18, 1889 in Clayton co. Iowa. She grew up in a farm neighboring her husband's family farm.

She married Frank Watson Coon in Clayton Co. IA, September 24, 1912.  Frank was born in Luana, Clayton Co. IA on August 24, 1885.  He was the son of John Watson Coon & Mary Josephine VanGorder, and grew up in Waukon, Allamakee Co. IA.

Frank and Nettie lived in McGregor, Clayton Co. IA.  Frank was employed by the Milwaukee Railroad for 36 years. He started as a call boy when he was 19 years old, later becoming a fireman, and finally an engineer.  Newspaper clipping c1927:   "Fifteen Years Wed.  There was a large and happy gathering last Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coon of McGregor, the company comprising relatives and friends who had come to assist that worthy couple in celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  The day was pleasantly passed in feasting and sociability and all present had a most enjoyable time.  Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Chet Pearson and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Pearson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pearson and Mrs. Julia Pearson, all of Postville; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ernst of St. Paul; Mrs. Kate Evans of Butte Montana; Geo. Topliff of Gilmore City; Mr. and Mrs. Ezra McGhee and family, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Marsh and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Vaughn, all of McGregor."

After Frank died, Nettie cared for her aged mother-in-law for several years.

Frank died in November 1940 in McGregor, Clayton Co. IA, at 55 years of age.  Nettie died September 9, 1973. They are buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, McGregor.

Nettie Pearson and Frank Coon had at least 2 children:

70.  Ruth Coon  (private)
71.  Robert Coon   (private)


49. Leonard Victor Pearson
(Richard4 George3 Richard2 John1)
He was born in Hardin, IA on October 2, 1898.

He married Mabel Julia Swenson. Mabel was born in Allamakee Co. IA March 14, 1908.  She was the daughter of Seward Swenson & Lucy Gilson.

They lived & farmed in the Luana, Clayton Co. area.  Leonard is listed in the phone book for Luana-Monona 1932 & 1935; phone #236F72.

Leonard died June 2, 1989 in Monona, Clayton Co. IA, at 90 years of age.  Mabel died February 8, 1998.  They are buried in the Postville, IA cemetery.

Leonard V. Pearson and Mabel J. Swenson had 1 child:

72.  Robert Pearson (private)


50. Helen Elizabeth Sawdey
(Georgia Pearson4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born in Chamberlain, SD May 6, 1906.  She removed with her parents to rural Portland, Multnomah Co. OR at age 3.  In 1920, on the census, she can be found as a 13 year old attending school & living with her parents. 

She was living at home & working as a teacher in 1927; and returned to school in 1929, perhaps to get a higher degree.  The Portland city directory for 1931 shows her teaching at Kennedy School and renting an apartment.   By 1936 she has moved to the Chapman School. 

She married Charles R. 'Charlie' Stinger. Charlie was born November 9, 1904 in Oregon. His father was Charles W. Stinger. Charlie was employed as an railroad engineer.

Helen Elizabeth Sawdey died June 29, 1994 in King City, Clackamas Co. OR of congestive heart failure. Her obituary gives her name as Helen 'Betty' E. Stinger. She is buried in Mt. Calvary cemetery. Charlie Stinger died February 18, 1980 in Washington co. OR.

55. Harry Herbert Dunning
(Mattie Pearson4 George3 Richard2 John1)
He was born May 12, 1894 in Franklin twp. Clayton co. Iowa. The newspaper reports that he "was of standard weight"!! Harry removed to Oklahoma with his parents around 1900.

Harry H. Dunning

Harry and Viva Caroline Bond were married about 1919 and they lived in Ellis, OK where Harry was a superintendent of public instruction. In later years he worked as loan officer from the Federal Land Bank of Wichita, KS.

Harry served his country as a sergeant of the U. S. Army in World War I. He was a member of the 12th Oklahoma State Legislature in 1929, serving from Ellis county.

Harry & Viva retired in Las Cruces, NM.

Harry H. Dunning died at age 96 in Las Cruces, Dona Ana co., NM on April 28, 1991. Viva Bond died April 8, 1998. Both are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, Dona Ana county.

Harry H. Dunning and Viva Bond had 3 children:

73. Harry Dunning Jr. (private)
74. June Dunning (1922-1999)
75. Joan Dunning (private)


59. Marguerite Dunning
(Mattie Pearson4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born in Oklahoma in 1914.   

She was enumerated on the 1930 census; age 16 and living in Alva, Woods co. OK with her parents and brother Max. Marguerite graduated from Northwestern high school and attended Northwestern State Teachers college, where she received a bachelor of arts degree. She was affiliated with Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority and was a member of the American Legion Auxilliary.

Marguerite married Lonnie Ison in 1937 in Cherokee, Woods Co. OK.   Lonnie was the son of G. G. Ison & Allie M. Billingsley. After graduating from the Magnum, OK high school, Lonnie attended Oklahoma Military Academy at Claremore and Northwestern State Teachers' college. He received a bachelor of science degree and then attended Columbia University at Lebanon, Tennessee, where he received an L. L. B. degree.

Marguerite Dunning died in California in May 1977 and Lonnie Ison died in California in February 1985.

Marguerite Dunning & Lonnie Ison had at least one child:

76. Linda Ison (private)



64. Hilda L. Pearson
(Chester4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born December 20, 1912 near Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA.  As a teenager she and her sister  Francis were listed as flower girls in the Memorial day ceremony in Postville occuring on 5/30/1926.

She married Fred B. Bruns.  Fred was born February 2, 1899.

Hilda L. Pearson died January 12, 1986.  Fred Bruns died July 6, 1986.  They are buried in the Grand Meadow cemetery, rural Clayton Co. IA between Postville & Luana.  Their graves are  next to  her sister Mary White and behind the grave of her parents, Chet & Eula.

Hilda Pearson & Fred Bruns had one son:

77. Daniel Lee Bruns


65. Frances Wilma Pearson
(Chester4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born August 9, 1914 near Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA.

She graduated from Postville High School in 1931 and attended Upper Iowa University in Fayette. In her early years Frances played basketball, and was an avid fan throughout her life.

She married Sidney I. Larson on February 21, 1932.  She married again, after Sidney died, to James R. Foster, in Cedar Rapids, Linn co. IA.  She and James lived in Burlington, Des Moines co. Iowa.

Sidney Larson died in 1940. 
Frances Pearson died June 22, 2001 in Waukon, Iowa at age 86 years 10 months and 13 days.  She was cremated and is inurned near her parents in the Grand Meadow Cemetery, the name on her marker is Frances (Pearson) Larson.  I saw no evidence of the graves of her husbands.

Frances Pearson & Sidney Larson had 5 children:

78.  Eugene Larson
79.  Francene Larson
80.  Marlene Larson
81.  Mary Cathrine Larson
82.  Spencer Larson


66. Mary E. Pearson
(Chester4 George3 Richard2 John1)
She was born in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA on February 20, 1926.  She attended the country school near her home and graduated from Postville High School in 1943.

She married Donald 'Barney' White in the Little Brown Church in Nashua, IA, February 20, 1945.  Barney was born in 1919.  They farmed with Barney's parents on the family farm near Osterdock, Iowa, for about a year.  They then moved to their farm northeast of Postville in Post twp., Allamakee Co.  After Barney died Mary moved into Postville and worked at the Postville Community hospital.

Donald died in 1989 at 70 years of age. 
Mary  died  July 3, 1995 in Lutheran Hospital at LaCrosse, WI.  They are buried in the Grand Meadow cemetery, Clayton Co. IA.  Nearby are buried her parents, sister Hulda, grandparents Pearson and great-grandparents Pearson.

Mary E. Pearson and Donald White had 5 children:

83.   Cindy White (private)
84.    Barbara White (private)
85.    Don White (private)
86.    Kim White (private)
87.    Lori White (private)

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