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Germany to Iowa
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2. Eda Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
She was born in Mechlenberg Germany October 25, 1873.  She removed to Iowa with her parents in 1882. 
She married Wilhelm 'William' Conrad Meyer in IA, October 13, 1893.  Wilhelm was born in Clayton Co. IA March 18, 1861, the son of Heinrich Meyer and Meta Heins.  Eda was a housewife and William was a farmer. They lived in Grand Meadow twp., Clayton co. Iowa. After William's death, Eda continued to live on the farm for a number of years before moving into Postville, Allamakee co.

Eda Reincke Meyer

Eda died June 13, 1956 in Postville, IA at the home of her son Milo.   Wlliam died June 3, 1913 in IA, at 52 years of age.  They are buried in the Postville cemetery.

Eda Reincke and Wilhelm Conrad Meyer had 5 children:

9. Alvin David Johann Meyer +
10  Arno Friedrich Karl Meyer +
11  Victor Carl George Meyer +
12  Clarence Arthur Meyer +
13  Milo Fritz Johann Meyer +


3. Anna Marie Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
She was born in Germany 1875.  She removed to Iowa with her parents at age 7. 

She married John P. Saueresig in Iowa on November 25, 1895.  John was born 1846 and immigrated to the United States in 1893.

John & Anna's wedding photo

Anna died December 15, 1930 in IA, at 55 years of age. John died October 19, 1937 in IA, at 91 years of age.  They are buried in the Postville, IA cemetery.

Anna M. Reincke and John P. Saueresig had 8 children:

14    Eltha Edna Saueresig +
15    Meta Maria Frieda Saueresig +
16    Edwin Carl W. Saueresig +
17    Helen Emilie Saueresig  1900-1925
18    Almuth Marie Saueresig  1903-1907
19    Florence Tina Saueresig +
20    Lucille Rosiene Saueresig +
21    Harold Henry Saueresig  1911-1988


4. Charles Frederick Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
He was born in Germany August 18, 1879.  He was baptized in Germany and came to the United States with his parents at the age of three years.  He was confirmed in St. Paul's Evangeliccal Lutheran Church in Postville, Allamakee Co., IA on April 7, 1895.

Charles clerked at Luhman & Sanders general merchandise for a time in the early 1900's. He resigned from this job in 1903.

Charles married three times. 

He married first,  Bertrude Louise Pearson [
#22 Pearson family] in Clayton Co. IA, December 10,1903. She was born in Hardin, Allamakee Co. IA January 26, 1879, the daughter of George W. Pearson and Julia M. Hunt.

Charles & Bertha wedding photo

In 1909 Charles & Bert bought the John F. Palas restaurant stock and ran that business for a short time, before selling out and briefly moving to St. Paul, MN. After returning to Iowa, he bought a farm 'near the junction'. This endeavor was rather short-lived as well, and he sold the farm to Louis Kamp in 1915 and the family moved into Postville where they bought the origional "Hart" residence. Bert died in January 1921.

In 1923, Charles purchased the Commercial Hotel in Postville.  He was proprietor of this Postville landmark until 1948.

Commercial Hotel c1920

About 1925 Charles remarried to Amy Moritz Knapp, a divorcee' from Monona. Amy was the daughter of Herman Moritz and Amelia Lange. She had one child with her first husband John Knapp -- Delbert Knapp, born in 1916. Delbert lived with her parents in Monona twp. Clayton co. Iowa. Charles & Amy can be found living at the Hotel in 1930, but the marriage ended in divorce sometime between 1930 & 1940.

Charles held the office of Postville Mayor for a term 1942-1944. He married his third wife,  Clara Oline Stromsodt in Decorah, Winneshiek Co., IA on March 28, 1943.  Clara was born in Calmar, Iowa on April 22, 1891, the daughter of Andrew Stromsodt & Carrie Nelson. Clara had worked for 25 yrs. as a salesperson at the Mott Co. in Decorah. Charles & Clara lived the remainder of their lives in Postville.

Bertha Pearson died January 6, 1921 in Postville, at 41 years of age. Clara Stromsodt died May 21, 1964 in Postville. Amy Moritz died in Madison, Wisconsin in 1986. Charles died February 24, 1958 at his home in Postville, at 78 years of age.  He is buried in the Postville cemetery next to Bert. Clara is buried nearby to the left of Charles.

Charles Frederick Reincke and Bertrude Louise Pearson had 2 children:

22   Delmar A. Reincke +
23   Dorothy Eda Mary Reincke +


5. Mary Sophia Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
She was born in Grand Meadow twp, Clayton Co. IA October 30, 1882, shortly after her parents and older siblings arrived in America. She attended rural Clayton Co. schools.

She married Charles F. Krogman in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, October 16, 1902.  Marriage witnesses were Frieda Krogmann, Ameilia Reincke, Charles "Carl" Reincke and J.H.W. Schroeder.  Charles was born in Eldena, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany February 2, 1875, the son of Johann J. 'Karl' Krogman and Maria C. J. Schroeder. He immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1881..... Great-grandson Steve Baries:  "Charles came to America on the ship "Suevia" on March 28, 1881.  The ship sailed from Hamburg and Harve to New York City on February 25, 1881. Captain Franzen was in command.  He was passenger number 207."  

Carl & Mary's
wedding photo

Charles and Mary lived their entire married life in a house on West Williams Street in Postville.  Charles was a carpenter.  

G-grandson Steve Baries: "I remember my GGrandmother  Krogman had a feather bed upstairs that I used to love to sleep on and jump on as a little boy. I also remember that when I had to use the bathroom you had to go downstairs in the basement. When the house was built the bathroom was an outhouse outback by the barn."

The home of Carl & Mary on W. Williams st.

G-niece Sharyl Ferrall:  "I remember great- Aunt Mary.  As a child, I grew up just houses down from this little house on Williams St.  The neighborhood kids used to play hide-and-seek in the big low growing bushes in front of her house.  She was present at many family dinners at the home of my grandparents."

Charles died July 22, 1946 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 71 years of age.  Mary died November 27, 1981 in Peoria, IL, at 99 years of age.   She was living with her daughter in Washington, IL at the time of her death.  Mary and Charles are buried in the Postville, IA cemetery.

Mary Sophia Reincke and Charles F. Krogman had 2 children:

24   Hazel Marie Krogman +
25   Harvey F. Krogman +


6. Amelia Sophia Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
She was born in Grand Meadow twp., Clayton Co.IA July 30, 1885.  She was confirmed on March 26, 1899 at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA.

Amelia Reincke

She married Rudolph C. Willman in Postville on April 23, 1907.  Rudolph was born in Post twp. Allamakee Co. IA January 1, 1883. His parents were Paul Willman  and  Maria Krei.   They are living in Postville in 1910 and Rudy is working as a laborer doing cement work. He was a patron of Fred Ruckdaschel's Ford garage in Postville. The 1918 ledger from the garage shows that Rudy purchased 5 gal. gas for $1.35 on May 10th and paid for it in cash on May 23rd. In June & August 1918 he purchased gas & twine, charging his account a total of $17.93. He paid his bill in cash on October 15, 1918. The 1920 (January) census shows that they are farming in Grand Meadow twp. Clayton co. but in March of 1920 they bought the George Schultz residence in Postville, so may have moved to town again.

The Postville Herald, November 19, 1947:  "Mrs. Amelia Willman, Mrs. Elsie Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Schmidt and Kathy were weekend shoppers in Davenport.  They also visited in the Clarence and Hartley Meyer homes in Rock Island, Ill."

Amelia died August 6, 1960 in Postville IA, at 75 years of ageRudolph died January 17, 1977 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 94 years of age.  They are  buried in the Postville cemetery.

Amelia Sophia Reincke and Rudolph C. Willman had 5 children:

26     Elsie Maria Ruby Willman +
27     Lester Fritz Willman +
28    Harlan John Carl Willman +
29     LaVila Willman  (private)
30     Lorenz Marion Willman +


7. Arthur Frederick 'Otto' Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
He was born in Grand Meadow twp. Clayton Co.I December 24, 1886 and was baptized on March 13, 1887 at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA.  Witnesses were Friedrich Hammart [sic], Friedrich Banke and Dorothea Banke.

Arthur Reincke

Arthur died June 21, 1910 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 23 years of age.  Burial is in Area B, Postville cemetery.   Cause of death was meningitis.  He never married.


8. Frederick J. 'Fritz' Reincke
(Carl 1 Reincke)
He was born in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA January 10, 1890.  He was confirmed March 29, 1904 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Postville by Pastor E. Bockelmann.

He married Louise M. Appel in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, February 18, 1914.  Louise was born September 7, 1893. 

Fred & Louise's wedding photo

Frederick died April 27, 1968 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 78 years of age.  Louise died December 10, 1987 in Postville, Allamakee Co. IA, at 94 years of age.  They are buried in the Postville cemetery.

Frederick J. Reincke and Louise M. Appel had 6 children:

31  LaVerna Reincke +
32  Mardella Reincke (private)
33  Delbert Reincke (private)
34  Arno Charles W. Reincke +
35  Arlene Amelia M. Reincke  (private)
36  Frederick  Reincke  (private)

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