Reincke Reunion -1956

This photo was in my Grandmother's collection, but there were no names written on it. The Muchow family also had a copy of thesame reunion ... with names!!

Since I first put the photo on this web-site,  others have been identified and corrections have been made.

The photographer has even 'fessed' up!!   I have made the new notations in red, rather than changing the original identification that appeared with the photo.

Thank-you All !!

I have added the relationships.  Please let me know if you find errors!!

Reincke family reunion 1956 @ Wm. Kuhse home

Standing   L-R

1. Fred Reincke
[h/o #28, b/o #14,23,29,33]
2. Wm. Kuhse
[h/o #36]
3. Ted Feickert
[h/o #21]]
4. Howle ? Meyer

ID'ed as Clarence 'Howie' Meyer by Dorian Muchow

5. Enos Muchow
[h/o #24]
6. Bob Coobs
[h/o #38]
7. Harold Sauersesig
[b/o #24,26,32,36&37]
8. Otto Appel
[h/o #26]
9. Mrs. Lester Willman
[?nee Christine Walker, w/o #13]
10. Mrs. Vernon Kugel
[nee Marguerite Eda Bertha Meyer, w/o #17, s/o #12&16]
11. LaVila Schmidt
[nee Willman, w/o #15, s/o #13&20]
12. Victor Meyer
[b/o #12&16]
13. Lester Willman
[h/o #9, b/o #11&20]
14. Charles Reincke
[bro of #1,23,29&33]
15. Louis Schmidt
[h/o #11]
16. Willard Meyer
[bro. #10&12]

ID confirmed by Roger Meyer, Willard's son

17. Vernon Kugel
[h/o #10]
18. Milo Meyer
[son/o Wm. Meyer & #18]
19. Fred Hangartner
[second husb. of #20]
20. Mrs. Fred Hangartner
[nee Elsie Willman Meyer, w/o #19, s/o #11&13]
21. Mrs. Irene Feickert
[w/o #3, d/o #12&35]
no #  unknown boy 

ID'ed as Roger Meyer son/o #16 & #33
by Roger Meyer's daughter Eva.

22. Doloris Meyer
[w/o Clarence J. Meyers?, m/o #39&40]
23. Aunt Mary Krogman
[nee Mary Reincke, w/o Charles Krogman, s/o #1,14,29&33]
Seated   L-R

24.Mrs. Celia Muchow
nee Sauersesig, w/o #5, s/o #7,26,32,36&37]
25.Mrs. Ed Sauereseig
[nee Theresa Lovick]
26.Mrs. Otto Appel
[nee:Florence Saueresig, w/o #8, s/o #7,24,32,36&37]
27.Mrs. Lester Willman
[nee Christine Walker?  See #9]]
28.Mrs. Fred Reincke
[nee Louise Appel, w/o #1]
29.Mrs. Amelia Willman
[nee Reincke, s/o #1,14,23&33]
30.Mrs. Lester Willman's mother
[see #9 & 27]
31.Ohring ? lady

-"possibly this lady is Mrs. Marie Mustka of Chicago"
by Dorian Muchow

32.Mrs. Meta Muchow
[nee Saueresig, w/o Clarence, s/o #7,24,26,36&37]]
33.Mrs. William Meyer
[nee Eda Reincke, s/o #1,14,23&29
this should be Mrs. Willard Meyer
[nee Florence Schroeder, w/o #16]
ID'ed by E. Henderson, gd/o #16 & #33
and d/o Roger Meyer

34.Mrs. Milo Meyer
[nee Bernice Hanson, w/o #18]
35.Mrs. Victor Meyer
[nee Emma Willman, w/o #12]
36.Mrs. Wm. Kuhse
[nee Eltha Saueresig, w/o #2, s/o #7,24,26,32&3

Seated on grass   L-R

37. Ed Saueressig
[h/o #25, b/o #7,24,26,32&36]
38. Mrs. Iva Jean Coobs and baby
[nee Kuhse,d/o #2&36]
No # 15 small children
39. Darlene Meyer [d/o #22]
40. Mary Jane Meyer [d/o #22]
h/o  =  Husband of
w/o  =  Wife of
d/o  =  Daughter of
s/o   =  Sister of
b/o   =  Brother of
nee  =  maiden name
gs/gd = grandson or daughter
ggs/ggd = g-grandson or dau


"I found a newspaper clipping that Mother has marked 1956 showing the reunion was held at the William Kuhse home in Postville in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence H. Meyer and daughters, Mary Jane and Darlene." "If I recall correctly, I took the picture using the camera of Clarence "Howie" Meyer #4 in the photo, the husband of Delores Meyer #22 who is my sister.  Howie was a photographer in the Coast Guard and had the right camera for the job" ...... e-mail from Dorian Muchow, son of Meta Muchow #32


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